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Your first choice in Switzerland: Datacenter and Colocation services of the highest quality

The secure Swiss solution for your data.


Highest availability and flexibility in a secure server and IT structure – that’s what you get with greenDatacenter colocation services.

From a small rack system to your own separate cage, all our complete packages offer secure and cost-effective solutions that cover every need and optimally suit your company.

The green colocation complete packages – affordable and secure:



Colo Basic 1/3

Colo Basic 1/3 includes the following services starting at

CHF 280.- 

per month

✓ Entry-level price
✓ Separate, secured 1/3 rack
✓ For small installations
✓ Setupcosts: CHF 250.-
✓ SLA: 99.50%
✓ Subscription term: 12 months

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Colo Basic

Colo Basic includes the following services starting at

CHF 450.- 

per month

✓ Full cost control
✓ Own full rack
✓ Setup costs:CHF 350.-
✓ SLA: 99.50%
✓ Subscription term: 12 months

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Colo Standard

Colo Standard includes the following services starting at

CHF 650.- 

per month

✓ Colocation for SMEs
✓ Own full rack
✓ Best price/performance ratio
✓ Setup costs: CHF 550.-  
✓ SLA: 99.90%
✓ Subscription term: 12 months

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Colo Pro

Colo Pro includes the following services starting at

CHF 1250.- 

per month

✓ The highest requirements
✓ For primary data
✓ Ideal for mirroring, backups
✓ Setup costs:
   CHF 1250.-/750.-/0.-
✓ SLA: 99.99%
✓ Subscription term:
   12/24/36 months

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Benefit from the many advantages of Switzerland as a leading technology location – from the central location in the heart of Europe to the outstanding infrastructure, highly trained specialists, and strict data protection laws.

Advantages of Switzerland

Swiss data center sites

The group operates several data centers in Switzerland.

All sites are located in low-risk areas with excellent accessibility. All group data center services are certified in accordance with ISO 27001 and ISO 50001.

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Ideal location

Ideal location

  • Safe from natural catastrophes
  • Excellent accessibility
  • Ideal distance for data mirroring
  • Optimal power supply
  • Outstanding connectivity
Carrier-neutral data center

Carrier-neutral data center

  • Carrier-neutral data center, optimally accessible
  • Especially in terms of its power supply, fiber optic connections, and reachability
Quality standards

Quality standards

  • We provide our customers with documentation of promised standards, and ensure credibility through independent auditing.
  • Swiss data center built in accordance with Tier IV standard.


  • Outstanding PUE up to 1.19
  • First data center with DC technology
  • Energy-optimized data center architecture
  • Latest generation of air conditioners

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Customers who trust us

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Colocation – what is that?


Colocation comes from the verb collocate, which means to set or arrange in a place or position. It also means server housing or server homing, and these terms offer the best explanation. You place your company server in an external data center and integrate it into the network there. Your server essentially has a new home in the greenDatacenters.

A key difference between colocation and hosting is that you provide your own hardware. And we take care of placing it in air-conditioned, strictly monitored server rooms and providing the required infrastructure, network connection, an uninterruptible power supply, and all other necessary arrangements. greenDatacenter’s fiber optic ring ensures very high data transmission rates, extremely high availability, and negligible downtime.

Another advantage: If, contrary to expectations, colocation-related problems should arise, qualified technicians are on-site and can be reached 24/7. The colocation model even allows you to perform maintenance work from your location using Remote Hands – you don’t even have to be on-site.