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Many paths lead to the cloud. Which is right for you?

Some companies forgo in-house server rooms and opt instead to run their hardware in commercial data centers while others jump right into the cloud; most of them, however, adopt a gradual approach when embarking on their journey into the cloud. This decision hinges in part on a company’s resources, regulatory requirements and the system landscape. With this in mind, we have created a cloud ecosystem that reflects these milestones and offers greater efficiency during every phase. Find out more about the Green Cloud Ecosystem.

The use of new technologies, rapid expansion into new fields of business and mounting cost pressure call for one thing above all: an IT infrastructure capable of delivering on-demand performance while also enabling the highest-possible level of automation.




Tailored data center offers. Leave your server security up to us. Whether you need colocation racks, data center cages or data center suites, we work together with you to create the best possible environment for your servers and disks.




Company networks are increasingly becoming the lifeblood of today’s business world. We use a carrier-neutral approach to deliver fast, extremely secure connections. Our team looks forward to hearing from you!




Our Service Team knows every corner, every cable and every connector in each and every one of our data centers. It monitors ongoing operations, checks and renews the infrastructure if necessary and secures access. Let us safeguard your servers!




In just ten years, our start-up has advanced to become the country’s leading data center provider. We are a purely Swiss company with Swiss management and make every effort to ensure that your data stay in our country, safe and secure. Our top-rated infrastructure enables optimized geo-redundant concepts.




Data center locations must meet an extremely wide range of requirements: They have to be within easy reach for IT experts, safe in the event of natural catastrophes and offer an excellent infrastructure, both in terms of the power supply and the Internet, just to name a few. Zurich West meets these requirements and is complemented perfectly by both Zurich North and Zurich City to ensure that your every need is met.






Switzerland’s first high-density data center

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