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Flex space – high security data center space

The flex space solution was developed for mid-sized and large companies that have high security requirements for their data and want data center space that they can set up themselves.

Caged racks, i.e. individual server rooms in steel cages, are available starting at 20 square meters. In your contract, you can reserve more data center space for future needs, ensuring maximum flexibility for future expansion plans.

Caged Rack Highlights

  • Higher than average energy density of up to 7.5kW per base
  • Low overall energy costs thanks to a PUE of 1.19
  • Up to 20% energy savings through the use of DC power
  • Redundant and emergency power connection
  • Redundant air cooling
  • State-of-the-art entry protection with 24/7 access to your data center cage
  • High-performance early fire detection system with automatic nitrogen fire extinguishing system
  • Leasing of preconfigured racks (on demand)
  • Eco power from Swiss hydroelectric stations (on demand)

For space requirements beyond caged racks, we also offer customized data center rooms. We can also offer data center space and and emergency workplaces on the outskirts of Zurich. Find out more about our greenDatacenter Zurich North or Zurich-City 2

Please contact us. We will gladly send you an offer for data center space tailored to your requirements.