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Green Cloud Ecosystem: Step by step into the cloud

Many paths lead to the cloud. Which is right for you?

Some companies forgo in-house server rooms and opt instead to run their hardware in commercial data centers while others jump right into the cloud; most of them, however, adopt a gradual approach when embarking on their journey into the cloud. This decision hinges in part on a company’s resources, regulatory requirements and the system landscape. With this in mind, we have created a cloud ecosystem that reflects these milestones and offers greater efficiency during every phase. Find out more about the Green Cloud Ecosystem.

Green Cloud Ecosystem

Your requirements

Define your current IT requirements and take a look into the future. We’re happy to provide the support you need and advise you as you define your strategy.
Let our experience work to your advantage!

Partners and disciplines 

Our ecosystem is made up of advisors, software providers, integrators, hardware manufacturers, security companies and cloud operators. They pool their expertise and services in our Swiss data centers and, in collaboration with us, offer support for every aspect of IT migration and innovation.

Data center as a service

With options ranging from colocation services all the way to entire data halls and a high-density power supply, you receive a secure server environment solution that perfectly meets your needs. Our professionals will take care of everything to ensure you have the best possible climate control, backup power supply, availability and security.

Private cloud

Your end users will love the added value this offers, such as agility, quick time-to-market and lower investment costs, which are typical for cloud solutions. You, for your part, can still rest assured in the knowledge that all data are protected in a professional, secure Swiss IT environment.

Public cloud

Are you planning IT applications similar to those of Google, AWS, Microsoft or Alibaba? We offer the very best networking options to help you make the most of the technology’s scalability and innovativeness.

The path to a modern IT infrastructure

Do you need to replace, modernize or expand your IT infrastructure? Gaze into your crystal ball. Your first step is to define what your IT should look like in five to ten years. Which needs are likely to arise? Which security requirements and regulatory specifications do you expect? Then decide how much flexibility you want.

We’d be happy to help!

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Connectivity is key

Give your business a boost with reliable, high-speed network connections. Company networks are increasingly becoming the lifeblood of the modern business world. We know you trust your preferred carrier, which is why we’re carrier neutral. Here, you’ll find any carrier you want. We also have corresponding service level agreements (SLAs) for each and every service to give you peace of mind and let you focus on your work. You can rely on our experience, performance, reliability, security and monitoring.