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«Businesses will shift 80 percent of their IT to external data centers or the cloud by 2025.»


Becoming established in the cloud – your future starts now.

The future of business is digital.

A business’ ability to react quickly, flexibly and cost efficiently and to safeguard its long-term success hinges on having a flexible IT environment. The journey into the cloud involves finding the right answers to a few key questions. Like which models should be combined? How can security be guaranteed? And which priorities should be set?

We help you find the answers to all these questions and offer you a comprehensive solution with our cloud ecosystem.

We guide businesses on their journey into the cloud – along every step of the way.

What we can do for you

A comprehensive cloud ecosystem lets us transform your IT and move it into the cloud. We combine a private cloud with the public cloud to create a hybrid cloud solution and interconnect the full range of services. Using the cloud will benefit you in many ways:

Gain a competitive edge

Faster time-to-market
Lower investment costs
Needs-based provision of IT resources


Reduce complexity

More flexible structures
Complete cost transparency
No in-house hardware needed

Speed up innovation

Provides innovation and security
Independent of company size
Promotes the use of new technologies

We offer these cloud solutions to help you on your journey into the cloud

Development of the cloud architecture and planning for the implementation of a hybrid multi-cloud platform in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

Swiss private cloud solution, migration of sensitive applications and data into the private cloud, operated in Green’s data centers.

Certified data centers at three locations for housing customer-owned systems and data.

Cloud-based applications that are ready for use at virtual workplaces and the containerization of existing applications.

Access to the cloud services of Google, Amazon (AWS), Microsoft, Alibaba, Tencent, JD, etc.

Creation of a network between all locations (data center, cloud, headquarters and branch offices).

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Banking and Insurance
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Industry and Commerce
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Pharma and Healthcare
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IT and Telecom
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Banking and Insurance
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Companies that trust us:

“Thanks to Green Datacenter, we are able to provide our IT services at an unprecedented speed and with a stability never achieved beforehand. The two external data hubs have proven that we can press further ahead with digitalization within the company.”

Vassilios Koutsogiannakis, Head of IT at ZFV-Unternehmungen