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Swiss data center sites

The group runs five data centers in Switzerland. All sites are located in low-risk areas with excellent accessibility. All group data center services are certified in accordance with ISO 27001 and ISO 50001.

Zurich West 1+2


Cutting-edge colocation

Built in accordance with Tier IV

Maximum entry protection

Maximum energy efficiency


Data center Zurich West

Zurich West 3

Lupfig - from Q3 2019

Hyperscaler colocation

Highest redundancy

Maximum entry protection

Maximum energy efficiency


Data center Zurich West 3

Zurich North


Centrally located colocation

Very high Tier III redundancy

Very high entry protection

Very high energy efficiency


Data center Zurich North

Zurich City 2


Established data center

High-performance systems

Maximum entry protection

Maximum energy efficiency


Data center Zurich City 2

High-security infrastructure for your housing

There are three key factors when it comes to choosing a housing package: the data center location, a first class infrastructure, and the provider's experience.

Maximum data center security thanks to the ideal location

Switzerland is considered to be one of the best data center locations in the world. The reasons for choosing Switzerland as a data center location are its top class infrastructures, top quality standards, high level of legal security, economic and social stability, and comprehensive data protection.

Data centers are just like any other property: Their value is primarily determined by their location. But location is even more important for data centers than for other types of property.

A data center location needs to be sufficiently far away from cities, where it is protected from earthquakes and floods, and not in the immediate vicinity of flight paths, highways, railway lines, or high hazard buildings and industrial plants.

High-performance connections

Our data centers have fiber optic connections with 40 different carriers. This allows us to implement the best solution for each customer, to provide a high-performance and affordable data connection.

In addition, our data centers are connected to each other over a redundant ring. This makes it possible to combine multiple housing sites without having to invest heavily in the network infrastructure. Georedundant mirroring and backup scenarios can be implemented in up to four data centers. The secure location of all data center sites, and the distance between them also makes it possible to implement even georedundant disaster recovery sites.

What does it mean in practice?

It took several months to find the ideal location for greenDatacenter Zurich West. greenDatacenter Zurich West is Switzerland’s first freestanding, fully commercial data center designed to fulfill a single purpose.

It was decided at the very beginning not to opt for mixed use, as is customary in other data centers, in order to ensure the security at the data center. The building’s only windows are the three surveillance center windows.

greenDatacenter Zurich West (1+2) is the latest addition to the three other data centers we have operated for many years in Glattbrugg, Zurich-Letzigraben and Schlieren.

The five greenDatacenters offer solutions tailored to different housing needs. Our server housing solutions range from quarter racks to individually laid out, flexible rooms and flexible rooms that can be extended rooms. We work with you to determine the optimal solution for your volume of data.