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Colocation that meets the highest requirements.


First-class infrastructure for your server equipment.

Our Colo Pro package offers large companies a server housing solution that meets the most demanding requirements. In our certified data centers, we offer you enough space for all your data. Our own, powerful, and redundant fiber optic ring that connects all our greenDatacenter colocation sites ensures the necessary security.

With a Service Level Agreement of 99.99% regarding electricity, temperature, and humidity, we guarantee you maximum availability of our systems. And our sophisticated security systems with nitrogen fire extinguishing systems, video surveillance, electronic access control, and more ensure top security. Even your mirrored data and backups are perfectly safe with us.

And if you need more at some point? More data volume, more IP addresses, more badges for electronic access control, or even higher electricity availability? That is of course no problem. With our Colo Pro package, you can add additional options at any time – to match your individual requirements.

green Colo Pro – your advantages at a glance:

✓ Colocation that meets the highest requirements
✓ Your data is stored in one of our certified data centers
✓ More powerful, redundant fiber optic ring
✓ 99.99% SLA
✓ Technicians available 24/7
✓ Leading Swiss data center in accordance with the top Tier IV standard
✓ Immediate availability within one working day thanks to short lead times and response times
✓ Options can be added at any time
✓ Uninterrupted, cost-effective operation

Colo Pro

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Subscription period: 12/24/36 months

SLA: 99.99%

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Key features at a glance

Rack Width Depth Height  
  80 cm 120 cm 48 U (Usable: 47 U)
Power Availability Max. consumption Power incl.
  2 x 7.3 kW
(2 x 32 A)
6.0 kW per rack
max. 4000 kWh p.m.
2'100 kWh p. m.
  Plugs: C13 plugs: 2 x 36
C19 plugs: 2 x 6 (Blades Ready)
  Powermeter in Rack-PDU: Yes      
Connectivity Copper port Internet traffic IPv6 subnet IPv4 subnet
  2 x with shared Internet
connectivity 1 Gbit/s
Includes(Fair use 100TB) /56 /27
(27 IP adresses)
Access Badges incl.      
SLA Power Temperature Humidity  



99.99% 99.99%  
Climate control        
  Redundant convection cooling Cold aisle enclosures    
  Nitrogen fire extinguishing system Data center infrastructure surveillance systems VESDA early fire detection Video surveillance
  Access control system Data center facility management Smoke detectors  

Once an order is placed, additional options can be ordered.
Enhance your Colo bundle with the following additional services:




Copper port to MMR for third-party carriers
Fiber optic port to MMR for third-party carriers
Additional uplink, 1 Gbit/s, shared
Additional uplink, 10 Gbit/s, shared
Additional uplink, 1 Gbit/s, dedicated  
Additional uplink, 10 Gbit/s, dedicated  
DC-DC 1 Gbit/s shared 
DC-DC 10 Gbit/s shared 

DC-DC 1 Gbit/s dedicated 

DC-DC 10 Gbit/s dedicated 
Internet traffic over limit
Additional IPv4/29 (3 usable IP addresses)
Additional IPv4/28 (11 usable IP addresses)
Additional IPv4/27 (27 usable IP addresses)
Additional IPv4/26 (59 usable IP addresses)
Additional IPv4/25 (123 usable IP addresses)
Additional IPv4/24 (251 usable IP addresses)
Additional badge
Higher power availability (per kW)
Security add-on    
KABA lock
Badge reader on rack

The right service for the product


With our “Hands and Eyes” services "24/7 Remote Hands" and the Rack & Stack service, our employees always offer on-site support when you need them.

More on Remote Hands

Standard cage.

Ready-to-use, fully equipped cages

Our standard cages offer additional security for customers with compliance obligations. This bundle includes steel cages, badge readers, and fully equipped racks. Our standard cages are available with three or six racks.


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