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Details Datacenter Cages

Cage for 3 Colo Pro Racks

Cage for 6 Colo Pro Racks

Standard cages for complete solutions

Our standard cages for 3 or 6 racks, with separate, secure space in our data center. You will be provided with a redundant Internet connection and can choose from among 30 carriers to provide secure access to your leased lines. Our data centers are constructed to meet the very highest standards. The different locations are also perfect for implementing geo-redundant solutions. Trust in our comprehensive security systems which include biometric access control, video surveillance and our sophisticated infrastructure monitoring systems.


  • Redundant UPS/generator-supported power supply
  • Electricity is billed based on actual consumption


  • Redundant forced-air cooling
  • Cold aisle containment

Security installations 

  • Proprietary badge reader
  • VESDA early smoke detection system
  • Smoke detector
  • Nitrogen fire suppression system
  • Video surveillance
  • Access control system
  • Infrastructure surveillance systems
  • Data center facility management

Your data and servers need even more protection?
We also set up special racks inside cages featuring EMP protection or your own surveillance and security equipment, for example.


  • Copper or fiber optic connections to your preferred carrier
  • Additional access badges
  • Alternative locking systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Special racks (EMP, secure)
  • Miscellaneous rack accessories, such as shelves
  • Additional Internet connections
  • Data-center-to-data-center connections
  • Rack-to-rack cabling
  • Connection to the GDC cloud or other clouds
  • Additional public IPv4 block with 3 to 251 usable IP addresses
  • Managed firewall
  • DDoS Guard Basic or DDoS Guard
  • Remote & Smart Hands, 24/365


Your data room for the highest demands on security, control and efficiency 

Your private cage with three or six racks for the highest standards of security, control and efficiency. We will gladly advise you and make you your individual offer.

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