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About Switzerland

We love Switzerland

Located in the heart of Europe, we carry many advantages. Besides our position as leader in innovation, we are also extremely popular for expats. Almost every existing nationality lives in Switzerland: here you can find people from 195 (out of 198) countries. 40% of the population has a university degree and 50% of the population has finished a three to four year apprenticeship. The Swiss job market is one of the most flexible in Europe (max 3 month notice).

Switzerland - in the heart of Europe

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Greater Zurich Area
Switzerland and Greater Zurich are world leaders in innovation and the ability to attract talent. For a good reason: ETH Zurich is the best university in continental Europe.

Source: greater zurich area 

195 nations live in Switzerland
According to federal census, there are 198 states in the world - and almost all are represented in Switzerland: people from 195 nations live here. World nation Switzerland!

Source: People from 195 nations live in Switzerland


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