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About Zurich

Convinced about Switzerland? Berne counts as political center, whereas in the Greater Zurich area the geographical and economical heart beats of our smart country.

Zurich is one of the highest ranked cities in terms of life quality and it is the innovation hotspot. People living in Zurich are the healthiest and fastest in Switzerland! More than 60% of the Swiss GDP (gross domestic product) are attributable to the Greater Zurich Area.

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Greater Zurich Area
Switzerland and Greater Zurich are world leaders in innovation and the ability to attract talent. For a good reason: ETH Zurich is the best university in continental Europe.

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«Bernese are slow»
Says. But is that true? Bernese speak more slowly than the rest of Switzerland. It is less well known, however, that Grisons speak so slowly.

Source: «Bernese are slow» - Article from NZZ (in German)