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Details of the Zurich West 3 high-performance data center


  • In the Zurich–Bern–Basel economic triangle
  • Close to a freeway exit and train station
  • Located 30 km / 30 minutes from Zurich
  • Building designed and built as a data center
  • Around 40 carriers
  • Multiple independent fiber-optic feeder cables
  • Additional land available for fourth data center


  • Data center size: 3,600 m² of high-density space with up to 25 kW/rack
  • Colocation racks, data center cages and suites starting at 20 m²
  • Complete FSA building (facility service area) with rest room, catering area, meeting rooms, room for minor repairs and cloakrooms
  • Storage areas and rooms for customers
  • Office workspace, exclusively for the use of data center customers and their employees
  • Deliveries: truck security portal, double delivery ramp, 6-ton transport elevator for normal deliveries and additional transport elevator for large deliveries up to 12 tons
  • Doors with a height of 3.10 m to enable efficient deliveries of racks of all sizes


  • Video surveillance
  • 24/365 operation with security staff, technicians and customer contact
  • Separate access points for individuals and equipment
  • Secure waiting room for deliveries
  • State-of-the-art access protection with a guard house and 8 security zones
  • Access control with a badge and PIN code as well as a man trap system that uses biometric identification
  • Early fire detection system (VESDA), redundant extinguishing system


  • Dedicated redundant power utility from two different substations (capacity of 40 MW).
  • Dedicated infrastructure option from 2 megawatts upwards
  • Several diesel generators, redundant UPS system, generator operation of to 48 hours, refillable at all times*
  • Redundant cooling systems and cooling water piping
  • Cold aisle principle for maximum energy efficiency (PUE of 1.19)

Optional services

  • Remote Hands
  • Smart Hands
  • Cross-Connects
  • Deployments
  • Reports
  • Cleaning and waste disposal up to and including certified data disposal

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* According to the Uptime Institute Owners Advisory Committee, Tier-defined data centers should have a minimum of twelve hours of on-site fuel storage. The Tier standard: The topology requires a minimum of twelve hours of on-site fuel storage for all Tiers to achieve a runtime of 12 hours at “N” load while meeting the facility’s stated topology objective. In other words: Fuel storage must be sufficient enough to support the data center’s design load while working on motor generators for a period of 12 hours and still meeting the Concurrently Maintainable or Fault Tolerant objective. Exceeding the 12-hour minimum is an operational sustainability issue that requires careful analysis of the risks to the data center energy supply.

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