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China express connect

From Switzerland to China and other parts of Asia in just milliseconds

The exchange of data is no longer limited to local markets. Fiber optic networks now crisscross the globe to interconnect production facilities, business partners and group headquarters. To ensure that information becomes available where it’s needed – both quickly and securely.

Around the clock. 

China Express Connect gives you a choice of direct network connections that are established and monitored by Green.


  • Bejing in 122ms
  • Shanghai in 142ms
  • Shenzen in 162ms
  • Hong Kong in 160ms
  • Singapore in 140ms
  • Tokyo in 179ms
  • Other cities on request


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This service offers: 

  • A direct line from PoP to PoP to give you the shortest possible latency
  • A broad range of bandwidths from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps
  • Local support through partnerships with leading Asian telecom providers
  • Best value for money thanks to our partnerships in China
  • Reliable connections with a security guarantee
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • High-performance SLA with 99.9% availability

What we can do for you

Private Line

Individual fiber optic line from your Swiss location to any destination of your choosing in China or elsewhere in Asia. Flexible networking with optional encryption. 

One possible scenario

Your headquarters are in Lucerne but your production facilities are located in Guangzhou. We use our encrypted Private Line to connect you through our data center in Lupfig to the data center node in Beijing and then directly to Guangzhou. This approach minimizes the latency you experience and our partnerships provide you with the best possible value for your money.

Cloud Bond

A simple way to connect your data center infrastructure directly to leading public clouds such as Alibaba, AWS and Azure.



One possible scenario

You want a direct link to the Alibaba Cloud in China in order to minimize latency and enjoy a secure connection. Green will set up the network, either directly from your location or from the data center to the Alibaba Cloud in China.