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Details DDoS Guard

DDoS Guard Basic

  • Area protected: /28 in the shared /24 IPv4 segment
  • Protection for larger areas: optionally up to /26 (64 adresses)
  • Automatic triggering 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Switched segment shared /24
  • Service desk during normal working time
  • Automatic switch back outside normal working hours 

DDoS Guard 

  • Area protected: /24 IPv4 segment
  • Protection of larger areas possible
  • Includes automatic triggering 365 x 24
  • Switched segment own / 24
  • Option: Service desk (e.g., for manual switching) 365x24
  • Switch back of redirection to normal operation by agreement
  • Includes proactive information on attack
  • DDoS Dashboard 365x24

The protection of your infrastructure 

  • Basic or professional protection of your choice
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Service Description and Business SLA
  • Protection of all services up to OSI Layer 4


We are here for you

The many infected servers, PC's and IOT devices on the internet make DDoS attacks easy and efficient. You can make your systems or web pages inaccessible for hours or days. The good news: the protection is also easy!

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