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The way we communicate is evolving at breakneck speed and the Internet of Things will fuel the desire for higher bandwidths and flexible network use even further. New technologies and concepts are either in progress or even ready, in some cases.


SD-WAN is a software-defined network that is expected to gain acceptance. The swift availability of new lines and enormous flexibility are adding a great deal of momentum to the network market. SD-WAN development is leading to new pricing models and prompting expansions to infrastructures.

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5G Mobile

The fifth generation of mobile communications offers temptingly low latencies, several times as much bandwidth as LTE and greater energy efficiency. Mobile devices will have faster access. 5G represents a true breakthrough for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Edge Datacenter

While edge computing runs contrary to the trend toward greater centralization, it should not be perceived as its opposite. Edge computing is used wherever large volumes of data are produced but not used anywhere else. Local data processing cuts down on communication costs.

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There is enormous demand for traditional data centers from hyperscalers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. All of the main data center providers are investing in new facilities with greater performance capabilities. Long-term contracts are mostly being used to secure the traditional business.

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