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IP Services 

The vast majority of today’s communications are conveyed by IP services via public networks. Our services give you the bandwidth and security you need, tailored to your demand.

Internet Access

Your own, direct Internet access with fixed bandwidth to connect your location or colocation to the World Wide Web. The fiber optic line links you to our highly secure infrastructure with redundant connections to the Internet.

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Transferring data to another network along leased lines is easy if it passes through a node where a large number of national and international network providers converge.


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Secure VPN

Highly secure data transmissions are also possible via Internet. IPsec and MPLS ensure that your data get from point A to point B both reliably and at a high level of security. For worry-free, secure business connections.

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China Connect

An airplane takes nearly 10 hours to get to Beijing. Your data, on the other hand, can travel that exact same distance in just 160 milliseconds. We have on-site staff capable of activating your connection quickly.

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Cloud Connect

We all use cloud services – every day, whether we know it or not. While you might only need some of these services for a brief moment, you won’t accept anything other than a direct connection for others.



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Managed Security

Firewalls, professionally configured and operated, greatly enhance the security of your network gateways. We would be happy to take this off your hands to provide you round-the-clock protection for your networks.

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Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are extremely easy to launch in today’s world and the risk of major damage is high. These attacks could leave servers and websites inaccessible for hours – costing you money and tarnishing your reputation at the same time. While these attacks are easy to launch, protecting yourself against them is easy as well.

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Good business is based on good calls and networks. When analyzing your network requirements, look at everything, including phone service. We can offer neutral support and advice based on many years of experience.

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