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Whitepaper: Are in-house data centers on the brink of extinction?

An MTDC offers the flexibility that companies are so desperately looking for. New resources in the colocation zone of a commercial data center are therefore provided significantly more quickly than if a company has to achieve this in its own data center.

An expansion is often no longer economically viable. Many data centers have come to the end of their service life. Find out more about a make or buy analysis in the white paper.

Multi-tenant data centers help to reduce upfront investments (Capex) and create an optimum balance with the Opex costs. A higher level of energy efficiency, for example due to the use of modern cooling systems, means a decisive reduction in power consumption.

Operators with several data centers at different locations offer complex backup, recovery and archiving solutions. The latencies are kept to a minimum thanks to optimum georedundancy.

The trend towards hybrid cloud architecture means that the connections into and out of the data center are extremely important. An MTDC must therefore provide multiple connection options.

Certifications in accordance with national and international standards indicate the extent to which these stipulations have been complied with. A data center should definitely have ISO-27001 certification, which verifies that a documented information security management system is in place.

Facilities, from the power supply, through data lines, to the cooling systems, have multiple redundancies to ensure excellent reliability. Modern multi-tenant data centers offer essential security standards, such as controlled access via PIN, access badges, keys and biometric ID, plus fire prevention, fire extinguishing systems, video cameras and on-site security teams.

The acute shortage of technical staff means that finding the right specialists for setting up and reliably running the IT infrastructures is currently a complex undertaking. Cooling system specialists have different qualifications to network specialists and, for example, to site managers responsible for building a new data center.

The 16-page white paper provides you with expert information about these issues

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